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My client who is 93 years old was telling me about her chickens. She had a small acreage in Whalley, in Surrey, BC. she had 1000 Chickens! Yes…a 1000.

She had to clean,(had a machine to do that), candle, (make sure there was a yolk and not a small chicken inside), and box these eggs. They were sold to a distributor and they graded the eggs and sold them to stores in the lower mainland.

She received a cheque in the mail for her eggs and got more money if her eggs were Grade A.

She told me she loved the spring as that is when she would receive her new chicks, as they were constantly replacing old laying hens. Of course the order of new chicks always seemed to coincide with Spring and Easter.

All of this, raising a family of 5 Girls, keeping a vegetable garden, a house, a husband, going to lodge and being a good neighbour.

Wow! Amazing history of the Surrey area when it was more agriculture then residential.

What a Woman! She is still very independent and strong. We play tile rummy and she still beats me! I love our Tuesdays together.

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What a WONDERFUL DAY working with 3 clients yesterday! Three lovely ladies had their nails and feet cared for while we visited and talked. One of my clients, 83 years old, who lived in England near the Wales border, told me about how she had her 3 children at home! Her second child was born 18 months after her first child. The midwife got her settled for the night stating that “this child will not be born until morning” and set off into the night on her bicycle. My client got the incredible urge to push, told her husband to go and get the midwife…so off he set on his bicycle. The urge was overwhelming and my client pushed and there came her new son. She quickly cleaned him off and got him breathing, and held him till the midwife returned. Amazing, strength and courage!

She also used to work in the pub across the street. she looked after her children during the day, and when her husband came home, he looked after the children when she went to work at the pub. Great stories from her nights there.

Such teamwork! Such love of family! Heartfelt stories shared with love.


Heavy Hearts a Tribute to our Dear Mother

Our Dearest Mother Dorothy Shawyer:

Dorothy Mary Shawyer lost her 4-year battle with melanoma on December 13, 2014.

She was born in Vancouver General Hospital November 28, 1926, the first child of Robert and Jenny Higgs. Her younger brother, Doug Higgs, passed away in 2010.

After high school, Dorothy graduated from Pitman Secretarial School and began working at the Employment Office.

Pam, her friend from work, set her up on a blind date with Ed Shawyer. They married in September of 1951 and were together until Ed passed away in January 2009.

Daughters Deborah Ann and Nancy Lee were born between 1953-1954 and the family moved to the little house at the corner of 17th and Rupert Street, where Dorothy remained until 2010 when she moved to a nearby independent living residence. There, she passed the time chatting with new friends, enjoying the meals served in the dining room and having no worries about cooking and cleaning, snow on the stairs, or whether there would be a bus strike.

Dorothy spent the 1950’s and 60’s raising Debbie and Nancy, teaching them to cook and making sure they did their homework. In 1970, she went to work at Eaton’s Warehouse at Renfrew and Broadway. Every year she and Ed attended the staff Christmas shopping night at the downtown Eaton’s store and one year Dorothy was fortunate to win the big draw — a trip to Hawaii. And that began her love of the Hawaiian Islands where she and Ed travelled many times, taking a break now and then to visit Vegas and Reno.

Dorothy was a loving mother; a kind, generous and accepting woman; and a stoic and strong person. Although quite shy, her sweet and simple demeanor along with her contagious smile encouraged people to approach her.

She will be missed by all who knew her, but especially her two girls.

~ We hold you in our hearts, warm and safe now Mom. You were the BEST Mom who taught us how to be strong women. We love you Sweetheart ~ Debbie and Nancy.

There will be no services but we ask that friends and family, who are moved to do so, consider sending a donation In Memory of Dorothy Shawyer to the BC Cancer Foundation.

The doctors and staff at the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Centre did everything they could to help Mom fight the melanoma and hospice staff at Peace Arch Hospital took care of her in her last days with compassion and empathy for both Dorothy and her daughters.

online at
by phone at 604.877.6040 or toll free 1.888.906.2873
or by mail: cheque made payable to: BC Cancer Foundation.
BC Cancer Foundation; #150 – 686 West Broadway; Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1

My Amazing Mother

We have added some new photos to the website chronicaling my Dear Mother’s recent struggle with a re-occuring Melanoma on her leg. In my supporting her with this part of her journey I acknowledged a bunch of different areas where I could be of service to others. Using the Patient Transfer Service, (about $75.00 return trip), to get to Doctors appointments, because of Mom being in a wheelchair. I went as and Attendant to make sure all the correct information was collected and written down in our “Doctor Book“, provide a packed lunch, (Egg Salad Sandwich on Brown Bread, Sliced Apple and Water), and generally “be there” so my Mother did not feel all alone and scared.

There are many custom ways in which my services can be of help to clients going through health concerns and to support the family on a  whole to stay informed of what Doctors say and help their loved ones feel that someone is there with their best intentions in mind.

Sending Love from my Family to Yours,
Nancy Bussey / Owner


WISHING YOU…..a Very Merry Christmas, and Love To You….My Amazing Seniors. It has been a pleasure working with you. Have an AMAZING New Year….Hugs to You, Nancy

Hearing Aids for Seniors

I was just at the Hearing Clinic with my 91 year old client for a Hearing Test. It was amazing what they can do these days with hearing tests and hearing aids. I remember my Grandfather with a little box in his pocket and a wire to his ear…that was his hearing aid 50 years ago. Yesterday, I accompanied my client and they had to plug her hearing aids into the computer to adjust the scope to match her hearing level test, and to adjust the volume. There are no little wheels that are volume control anymore! But for an Elderly Senior are they really a help if they cannot clean them properly and have to go into the Hearing Clinic to have the volume adjusted on the computer? Cost for new Hearing Aids $4,000 – $8,000 for the pair….YIKES!  Technology for Seniors is a MYSTERY. 🙁

It Doesn’t Take a Lot of $$$

It really doesn’t take a lot of Money to please the Seniors in your care. My client who had a two week stay in the hospital was complaining about the coffee. I checked with the nurses to see if there was any restrictions to her diet, (she takes her coffee black). And once that was determined I went to the coffee shop in the hospital and bought her a “decent” cup of coffee. Cost $1.95. But her reaction was priceless,  she really appreciated and enjoyed it. A lot of our Seniors are not used to going to a Coffee Shop. Tim Hortons, Starbucks, The Beanery, Esquires….these are all NEW businesses to a Senior that is 80 or 90 years old. So Remember when you have nowhere to go…..just get them out and go for coffee or tea, and maybe a donut or dessert too. That always makes a nice visit and outing.

Seniors Risk of Falling

Please see this information regarding how to limit the risk of seniors falling in and out of the home.