Sharing Stories-1

What a WONDERFUL DAY working with 3 clients yesterday! Three lovely ladies had their nails and feet cared for while we visited and talked. One of my clients, 83 years old, who lived in England near the Wales border, told me about how she had her 3 children at home! Her second child was born 18 months after her first child. The midwife got her settled for the night stating that “this child will not be born until morning” and set off into the night on her bicycle. My client got the incredible urge to push, told her husband to go and get the midwife…so off he set on his bicycle. The urge was overwhelming and my client pushed and there came her new son. She quickly cleaned him off and got him breathing, and held him till the midwife returned. Amazing, strength and courage!

She also used to work in the pub across the street. she looked after her children during the day, and when her husband came home, he looked after the children when she went to work at the pub. Great stories from her nights there.

Such teamwork! Such love of family! Heartfelt stories shared with love.