Sharing Stories-2

My client who is 93 years old was telling me about her chickens. She had a small acreage in Whalley, in Surrey, BC. she had 1000 Chickens! Yes…a 1000.

She had to clean,(had a machine to do that), candle, (make sure there was a yolk and not a small chicken inside), and box these eggs. They were sold to a distributor and they graded the eggs and sold them to stores in the lower mainland.

She received a cheque in the mail for her eggs and got more money if her eggs were Grade A.

She told me she loved the spring as that is when she would receive her new chicks, as they were constantly replacing old laying hens. Of course the order of new chicks always seemed to coincide with Spring and Easter.

All of this, raising a family of 5 Girls, keeping a vegetable garden, a house, a husband, going to lodge and being a good neighbour.

Wow! Amazing history of the Surrey area when it was more agriculture then residential.

What a Woman! She is still very independent and strong. We play tile rummy and she still beats me! I love our Tuesdays together.