My Amazing Mother

We have added some new photos to the website chronicaling my Dear Mother’s recent struggle with a re-occuring Melanoma on her leg. In my supporting her with this part of her journey I acknowledged a bunch of different areas where I could be of service to others. Using the Patient Transfer Service, (about $75.00 return trip), to get to Doctors appointments, because of Mom being in a wheelchair. I went as and Attendant to make sure all the correct information was collected and written down in our “Doctor Book“, provide a packed lunch, (Egg Salad Sandwich on Brown Bread, Sliced Apple and Water), and generally “be there” so my Mother did not feel all alone and scared.

There are many custom ways in which my services can be of help to clients going through health concerns and to support the family on a  whole to stay informed of what Doctors say and help their loved ones feel that someone is there with their best intentions in mind.

Sending Love from my Family to Yours,
Nancy Bussey / Owner