Hearing Aids for Seniors

I was just at the Hearing Clinic with my 91 year old client for a Hearing Test. It was amazing what they can do these days with hearing tests and hearing aids. I remember my Grandfather with a little box in his pocket and a wire to his ear…that was his hearing aid 50 years ago. Yesterday, I accompanied my client and they had to plug her hearing aids into the computer to adjust the scope to match her hearing level test, and to adjust the volume. There are no little wheels that are volume control anymore! But for an Elderly Senior are they really a help if they cannot clean them properly and have to go into the Hearing Clinic to have the volume adjusted on the computer? Cost for new Hearing Aids $4,000 – $8,000 for the pair….YIKES!  Technology for Seniors is a MYSTERY. 🙁

It Doesn’t Take a Lot of $$$

It really doesn’t take a lot of Money to please the Seniors in your care. My client who had a two week stay in the hospital was complaining about the coffee. I checked with the nurses to see if there was any restrictions to her diet, (she takes her coffee black). And once that was determined I went to the coffee shop in the hospital and bought her a “decent” cup of coffee. Cost $1.95. But her reaction was priceless,  she really appreciated and enjoyed it. A lot of our Seniors are not used to going to a Coffee Shop. Tim Hortons, Starbucks, The Beanery, Esquires….these are all NEW businesses to a Senior that is 80 or 90 years old. So Remember when you have nowhere to go…..just get them out and go for coffee or tea, and maybe a donut or dessert too. That always makes a nice visit and outing.

Preventing Falling in and Around Your Home

I have to post this article by Health Canada for you all to see. My very dear client suffered a fall and hit her head recently and was in the hospital for 2 weeks as they checked her out from top to bottom. It reminded me of the hazards around our own homes. If you care for a senior or have aging parents please look at these suggestions to help you, help them, make their home safer.


Seniors Risk of Falling

Please see this information regarding how to limit the risk of seniors falling in and out of the home. http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthfiles/hfile78.stm

What do your Senior Parents Need?

What most seniors want is VISITORS. And wouldn’t it be nice if we had the time as un-paid caregivers to visit every day? Most people seek companionship so they don’t feel alone. When I visit my clients, (sometimes in the early evening), they welcome me with open arms, because they are lonely AND SEEK HUMAN COMPANIONSHIP. My services help replace family visits, and give caregivers time with their own family. As well as a nice visit, I water and deadhead their plants, clean up the dishes and kitchen, help with laundry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have quality time with your parents, and not have to DO anything in their space? Plus I have a number of other services that can help you relax at work knowing that your parent has a visitor / companion to help make their day easier.

Home Services for Seniors

Manicures and Pedicures make me feel great when I take the time to go for one in a spa or salon. Think about how your aging parent would feel if someone came to their house with all the items needed to give them a relaxing manicure or pedicure. I am finding that my in-home services have grown with offering my clients manicures especially. I am not trained in foot care and only offer a thereputic pedicure. But the upbeat feeling my clients feel of having someone visit, chat and receive a manicure is incredible. They have a lovely manicure to look at for a week or two to boot! Everyone enjoys a bit of pampering, no matter what age.

Companion Services with my Client Today

Simple things……Today I took my client for a simple drive to the beach in White Rock, BC. She is 90 years old and uses a walker. We stopped and had a bowl of clam chowder (with lots of crackers) and coffee. Then we walked a short distance along the boardwalk and sat at a picnic table to watch the children playing in the sand, and the sea gulls looking for hand-outs. The air was salty and smelled of the ocean. IT WAS FABULOUS!

It just takes 2 hours for a drive….some companionship….and some stories shared, to make someones day.

It is about the simple things in life that you cherish.



Are you an Un-paid Caregiver to Aging Parents?

Are you missing time from work to look after your Aging Parents?  Can you get them to their Doctor’s Appointments, Specialist Appointments, or The Seniors Centre for an afternoon of cards?

Many Un-paid Caregivers suffer from BURNOUT.  The STRESS that people feel trying to do everything for everybody is what can affect your Immune System.

Our services help you manage your Aging Parents and their day to day problems.

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