Manicure and Foot Soak

One of my new services that has come about because of my clients suggestions and need is a Therapeutic Manicure and Foot Soak. I have put together a kit to take to clients homes and provide this service regularly/weekly. Most people have a large rocker chair that they sit in, the kind my father liked, some are recliners and some are not. I have adapted my service so my client can sit in comfort while I provide the soothing foot soak: basin filled with warm water with added Epsom Salts or Foaming Aromatic Foot Soap. While the feet are soaking I cover the arms of the chairs with towels and start on the manicure. The manicure includes: removal of old polish, finger soak / clean / and trim,  with two coats of polish and lotion application on the hands and lower arms. Back to the foot soak now….the feet are dried and calouses worked by hand and lotion applied to feet and legs to the knees. My clients thouroughly enjoy this weekly pampering. This is one of the ways I have been able to customize my in-home services to seniors.

Home Services for Seniors

Manicures and Pedicures make me feel great when I take the time to go for one in a spa or salon. Think about how your aging parent would feel if someone came to their house with all the items needed to give them a relaxing manicure or pedicure. I am finding that my in-home services have grown with offering my clients manicures especially. I am not trained in foot care and only offer a thereputic pedicure. But the upbeat feeling my clients feel of having someone visit, chat and receive a manicure is incredible. They have a lovely manicure to look at for a week or two to boot! Everyone enjoys a bit of pampering, no matter what age.