Tea with Grandma

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Our unique service assists families to connect online.  We schedule online time with your family and arrive at your Grandparents home with our 17″ HD Screen and Mobile Wireless.  We monitor the service as you visit online with your loved ones.

This service is available for the general public as well:


COST:         $50.00/HOUR
MILEAGE:    (if applicable)
NOTE:   The quality of the SKYPE image cannot be guaranteed and could be effected by weather and wireless capabilities.

My Mother and I Skype regularly with my sister who resides in San Francisco, California. Every second Sunday we talk and connect on the internet. My Mother misses my sister very much but explained that she doesn’t miss her as much as she gets to see and talk to her.

Skyping in Hospital Tea with Grandma

This service is for anyone who is computer-challenged and wants to have someone help them have a live video chat visit with another person.   Perhaps you or your loved one feels like this couple experimenting with a web cam.

If you’re a caregiver of an elderly relative, disabled, or shut-in, and you are too far away to visit them, this service is especially good for you.  “Tea with Grandma” will enable you to help them feel connected with you and feel less isolated.  It’s the next best thing to visiting them live without being there.